Introduction of Summer Course:

The micro-/nanofabrication summer course is organized by the Institute of Physics, Beijing Regional Center of Nanoscience Instrument, the Joint Laboratory of NSFC Key Research Plan "The Basic Research of Nano-manufacturing” and it is held by the Lab of Micro-fabrication of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the mid of July once a year. It is open to all researchers world-widely. The course introduces mainly, three parts, there are about 15 lectures covering the fundamental theories and applications of micro-/nanofabrication technologies, the new progresses of advanced technologies and symposium on facilities front.

Researchers are entitled to take LMF summer courses without any registration fees with free lunch provided each day. In recently years, a large number of young researchers have taken the course for degree credit, career advancement, or personal enrichment. 

Courses and Lectures:

Teaching Courses


Micro/Nano-Fabrication and Application

Junjie Li

Photo Lithography

Baogang Quan

Electron Beam Lithography

Haifang Yang

Focused-ion-beam technologies

Aizi Jin

Direct Laser Writing

Baogang Quan


Aizi Jin

Etching Technologies

Zhongshang Zhang

Thin Film Growth

Junjie Li, Shibing Tian

Nanoscale Self-assembling

Baogang Quan


Reference and Book: