1.Technologies for Low dimensional artificial structure fabrication

To explore and develop advanced techniques for the fabrication of nanoscale artificial structure out of, magnetic, semiconducting, optic and biologic materials and beyond, to meet the requirement from research groups within IOP, to provide effective, unique and advanced technical support for fundamental research as well as real applications. 

2.Characterization low-dimensional structures

The main concern is to explore the method and build-up in-situ properties measurement systems of low dimensional structures, especially to investigate the effects of the dimensionality and the size, for reliable and reproducible fabrication technologies. Especially, to explore the novel structures with exotic effects and phenomena to meet the requirements within IOP. 


3.Nanodevices and technologies for integration

Approach and technologies for construction of nano- electrical, optical and mechanical devices (including field emission display devices, high performance sensors, single electron devices and optical communication devices) as well technologies for multi-functional integration of various such low-dimensional devices. 


4.Fabrication and characterization of 3D artificial structure

To develop 3D micro-/nanofabrication technologies; to probe the effects of the size, the geometry as well as the intrinsic properties of the materials on the fabricated structures for multifunctional modification; to investigate the fundamental properties, e.g. the mechanical and  thermal stability of the structure.  In the long term to realize construction of 3D nanostructures and devices with properties that are tunable by design and fabrication rather by the intrinsic properties of the original materials, to explore conceptual devices with new structures and novel physics, including 3D plasmonic optical devices, 3D ultra-sensitive sensor and high performance 3D biodetectors.