Germany DELVOTEC F&K5430 Wire Bonder
Technical specifications and key features:
Sample holder size: 4 inches
Temperature control:
Range: 30-1250℃; accuracy: ±0.15℃; control repeatability: ±0.5℃; uniformity: ±1℃; ramping speed: 10-80 ℃/sec
Working gas: N2;O2
Metal Wires: Pt and Au wires
Adhering force: 15-150cN
Bond pad size: Sample size: 30*40μm
Contact person:Zhe Liu

Techniques and Applications:
Through heat irradiation, water and gas flow to control the heating and cooling process precisely for stress relief, alloying, oxidation etc of materials, structures and devices for desired properties including electrical, optical, mechanical and structural properties.