Home-made LMF01 Dual Probe SEM In-situ Measuring System
Technical specifications and key features:
Temperature control:
    Temperature range:1.9~400 K; scanning speed: 0.01~8 K; stability: ±0.2% T<10 K, ±0.02% T>10 K
Magnetic field control:
    Field range: ±9 T; resolution: 0.1 Oe; sweeping rate: up to 200 Oe/s; residual field: >5 Oe (7T 或9T)
VSM specifications:
    Sensitivity: < 10-6 emu/Tesla; accuracy: < 5 x 10-6 emu/T; vibrating frequency: 40 Hz;vibrating amplitude: 0.5 to 10 mm; coil inner diameter: 6.3 mm
AC transport measurement unit:
    Voltage sensitivity: 1nV; current range: 10uA to 2A; frequency range: 1Hz to1kHz
DC transport measurement unit:
    Current range: 5nA-5mA; Max. measurable voltage:95mV;Max. measurable resistance: 4MΩ
ETO unit:
    Out-put vlotage range: ± 4.5 V)
    Current range: 10nA-100mA ; Frequency range: (0.1Hz-200Hz)
    Resistance accuracy: 0.1% (R < 200 kΩ),0.2% (R > 200 kΩ)
    Resistance range: four-probe 10-8Ω-106Ω,two-probe: 106Ω-1010Ω
Contact person:Wuxia Li

Techniques and Applications:
For temperature and magnetic field dependent transport properties characterizations and obtaining of magnetic hysteresis loops of different types of materials.