UK Oxford Instrument PlasmaPro100Cobra Etching System
Technical specifications and key features:
Gas sources: HBr, O2, C4F8, SF6
Max. RF power:RIE: 600W; ICP: 3000W
Temperature range: -130℃ to 150℃
Technique types: Bosch、Low temperature、Nano-Si
Processing materials: Si, silicon oxides
Feature size: 30nm; Max aspect ratio: 30:1; Sidewall angle: 85-92°
Sample size: up to 4 inches
Contact person:Zhe Liu

Techniques and Applications:
For various types of materials removal based on RIE-ICP technologies to form micro-/nano structures on substrates, especially in nanometer scale with high aspect ratio and regular and controllable sidewall characteristics towards the construction of photonic, biological, mechanical, electrical and medical devices to examine the size and quantum effects.