Sweden Obducat Eitre-3 Nano-Imprint System
Technical specifications and key features:
Imprint resolution: 20 nm
Repeatability:±10nm (pitch);±15nm (depth)
Working Temperature: RT up to 200°C
Max. Pressure: 70 Bar
Cooling method: gas cooling
Template size: 77mm
Holder base size: 0-77mm
Auxiliary: UV source (Wavelength: 250-450nm,power:40-100mW/cm2)、Hotplate: Temperature ramping rate: 0.5-1K/sec
Contact person:Aizi Jin

Techniques and Applications:
Based on the stamp and pattern transfer approach, nano-imprint system can be used to fabricate structures with feature size down to sub-ten nanometers in large scale, and  time and cost efficiently, it can be used to fabricate 1D, 2D structures for photonical, biological, mechanical, electrical and medical research and applications.