UV Mask Aligner Carl Suss MA6 Photolithography System
Technical specifications and key features:
Light source: UV 300
Central wavelength of the exposure light: 365 nm
Light Intensity uniformity: <3.1%
Sample size: up to 6 inches
Exposure mode: Vacuum, Low Vacuum Contact, Hard Contact, Soft Contact, Proximity, Flood Exposure.
Min. feature size: 0.5 μm
Alignment accuracy: ±0.5 μm
Contact person:Baogang Quan

Techniques and Applications:
MA6 is widely used to fabricate micro-and sub-micron size structures for contact pads and construction of micro-/nano electronic devices, optic-electronic devices, bio-sensors/channels, MEMS/NEMS, superconducting/magnetic devices, photonic crystals, plasmonic devices and so on..