Focused Ion Beam Microscopy FEI DB235
Technical specifications and key features:
High resolution FESEM
High performance Ga+ Source column
CrossBeam® operation: high resolution imaging and milling/polishing
Optional multi-channel GIS: Pt, W
Sample size: up to 2 inches
Image archiving, networking and hardcopy solutions from the integral Windows® operating system
Resolution: SEM: 2 nm; FIB: 6 nm
Probe Current: SEM: 4 pA - 20 nA; FIB: 1 pA - 50 nA
Acceleration Voltage: SEM: 0.1 - 30 kV; FIB: 3 - 30 kV
Emitter: SEM: Thermal field emission type; FIB: Ga LMIS
Contact person:Aizi Jin

Techniques and Applications:
FIB DB235 system is capable of fabricate structures with feature size down to 12 nm by both low current etching and GIS assisted deposition, in the construction of micro-/nano electronic devices, optic-electronic devices, bio-sensors/channels, MEMS/NEMS, superconducting/magnetic devices, photonic crystals, plasmonic devices and so on, as well as to explore the novel physic phenomena and effects in nanometer scale. It can also be used to fabricate TEM cross-section for atomic scale analysis. In addition, the system is equipped with nano-manipulators for in-situ object transfer and electrical transport characterizations.